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2002        Editions Limited Gallery,
1998        Editions Limited Gallery    
1996        Ex Quadris Gallery    
1995        Editions Limited Gallery    
1994        Michael Himovitz Gallery
1993        Gango Art Gallery        
1992        Joan Joseph Gallery    
                 Editions Limited Gallery    
1991        Mito Cultural Center    
                Neville Sargent Gallery   

YURIKO TAKATA was born in the U.S. soon after her parents emigrated from Japan.  Her father, as a Japanese soldier in WWII, was captured ten days after the war ended and sent to four years of hard labor in a Siberian prison camp.  Luckily, he survived to have a daughter and send her to the Academy of Art in San Francisco to fulfill her dreams of becoming an artist.
After perfecting her skills, she soon started showing her pastels and watercolors both nationally and internationally.

Although her greatest joy is drawing and painting during her travels, her latest body of work involves large paperdolls that explore women’s roles in society.  Her CRYING MOM PAPERDOLL shows a woman grieving over her lost son,…she has three possible outfits;  an American mom’s mourning dress, a Muslim mother’s robes, and the Christian Mother Mary’s gown.
The WATER CARRIER PAPERDOLL is patterned after Ingres’ THE SOURCE, and shows the unfair distribution of fresh water depending on where you happen to live.  Americans enjoy access to one hundred gallons a day while some in Africa and India struggle with ten gallons or less.

For the last fifteen years, Yuriko has served on the National Board of the Women’s Caucus for Art, a non profit organization that supports women in the arts through exhibitions, mentorship and annual Lifetime Achievement Awards ,...giving long deserved recognition to exceptional women in the arts.


​​ARCO Oil Company        
Bank of America            
Clorox Company            
Dean Witter Company        
Hyatt Hotels                

IBM    Corporation            
Illinois Bell Corporation        
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals    
Joyful Honda Department Stores
Nordstroms Department Stores  

Noritake China            
Northwest Airlines            
Pacific Bell               

2015         Gallery at  St. James        
2014         Robert Morris Gallery    
2013         ARC Gallery        
                  Sonoma Arts Gallery    
2012         Union College Gallery    
2011         ARC Gallery        
2010         Triton Museum of Art    
                  Somarts Gallery        
2009        Korean Cultural Center    
2008        Mission Cultural Center    
2007        Claudia Chapline Gallery    
                 Editions Limited Gallery    
2006        Spike Gallery        
2005        Thomasville Cultural 

2004        Maitland Art Center    
2003        Magnolia Gallery        
2002        Somarts Gallery        
2001        Goethe Institute Gallery    
2000       Harbor Gallery/ Le    Comite

                 National Monagasque
1999        Triton Museum of Art

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    Contact the Artist :      rikotakata@comcast.net

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